There’s nothing so freeing as leaving the stress of the city (and those business-casual khakis) behind for a trek into the great outdoors. Capture that satisfying sensation on a refreshing outing with winery journeys. Easy hikes wander past Victoria Bryant Park, followed by tastings at Boutier Winery. Moderate journeys take you along the more mountainous areas of Bertram Trail or Mount Yonah, with visits to Stonewall Creek Vineyards, 12 Spies Vineyards or Habersham Winery. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, the strenuous hike option along Standing Indian Mountain affords stunning vistas, followed by wine tasting at Stonewall Creek Vineyards. No matter which destination you choose, gorgeous landscapes unfold before you, and the end of the journey is always a stop for tantalizing tastes at an area winery. So trade out those wingtips for some walking shoes – it’s time to take a visit to an open-air office branch.

Option1. Get out of the City: Easy journey – Approximately 3 hours of hiking. These hikes are for all ability levels, and usually last 5-6 hours .only $ 120 per person.

Option2. Get a little further out: Moderate Journey – Approximately 5 hours of hiking. Last 7-8 hours, these trips will get you to more mountainous areas where you can see and experience more of Georgia. Equivalent of 142 floors,12,300 steps,  5.2 miles  Only $ 155 per person.

Option3. Get Way Out! Strenuous Journey – This is our full day option which offers you approximately 8-10 hours of fun, entertainment, and education. Only $ 195 per person.

Horseback Riding, HIKING

It’s time to get back to nature, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave all the perks of city life behind. This rustic horseback ride through Georgia backcountry takes a delightful intermission for some wine tasting at a local vineyard. As you sip a refreshing glass of vino and soak in the beautiful surroundings, you’ll realize you have the best of both worlds. With an experienced guide, well-trained steeds, plus a delicious picnic lunch and healthy snacks along the way, you’ll get that rustic, outdoorsy feeling without having to rough it in the wilderness. Hop in the saddle and get immersed in the beautiful outdoors like they used to in the good old’ days – there’s nothing like riding through picturesque landscapes on the back of a horse.

The experienced guides will take you, your family, or group, along with our well-maintained trails. From beginner to advanced riders, we will ride through beautiful scenic trails in Clayton, Dacula, or Athens GA.

The rides are 60 to 90 minutes, depends on the location… only $199.


This guided four-mile excursion on the water offers a relaxing, laid-back day in nature, minus the hassle of setting up camp. Instead, you’ll be chilling aboard a kayak or sprawled sunny-side up on a tube, soaking in the stunning surroundings of Fort Yargo Lake or the Broad River. Whatever the objective – exercise, a little swimming, finding your zen on the calm waters, or being a complete tube potato and loving every second of it – there are options to fit all your criteria. Put the paddle to the metal and burn some calories on the kayak, or let life’s everyday stresses ripple away as you bob and drift with the current. This one-day getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life is the perfect match for aspiring outdoorsy types or folks who simply love to get out on the water.


  1. Four-mile tubing float on the Broad River, or a kayak expedition on the Broad River (one person).
  2. All equipment, including tubes or kayaks and life vests.

Be you a water sport novice or pro paddler, all levels welcome.An experienced guide to provide instruction and steward your group down the river or around the lake.Beautiful surroundings in northern Georgia just a short drive from Atlanta and Athens. Get out there & refresh your soul.   only $160


Golf provides ‘a stimulating challenge combined with a healthy walk in pleasant surroundings’ and can be played by people of all abilities and ages. Golf can be played on your own or in a team. It may be a casual pastime or a competitive activity. Golf is the third most popular leisure activity and is a good way to keep in touch with friends, assist in reducing stress (as a result of the physical activity and also due to the pleasure of walking in an open and pleasant environment), provide opportunities to meet new people and help develop a sense of community.

This journey will include 18 hole golf plus golf-card, picnic style lunch, and of course wine tasting for only $199 per person.


The only thing better than drinking wine is the satisfaction that comes from earning it. Tear up the courts, then toast to your mad topspin skills during a full day of tennis, picnicking and wine tasting in beautiful Georgia back-country. Whether you’re an experienced player looking for a fun match, or a newcomer needing some one-on-one instruction, the folks at Wine Tasting Journeys will set you up for three hours of good clean fun. Spend the first half of the day working up an appetite for the delicious picnic lunch that awaits, and then get ready for a relaxing jaunt to one of three local wineries. Unwind, clink glasses and cheers to a day well spent. Game, set, match.


  1. Complimentary tastings at Boutier Winery,12 Spices, Stone Creek Winery or Fox Vineyards and Winery.
  2. A picnic-style lunch, including turkey meat, flatbread, hummus, seasonal greens and nuts & berries.

Escapes from the everyday hassles of life as you work out, wine & dine amid beautiful country scenery.

Option 1: This journey will include 3 hours of instructional tennis, picnic style lunch, and of course wine tasting for only $140 per person.

Option 2:  This journey will include 3 hours of doubles tennis, picnic style lunch, and of course wine tasting for only $120 per person.


Amish Community

Travel to a tucked away hidden corner of the earth, a Beautiful Amish Community secluded from the rest of the world; extremely retro and delightful. Amish and Mennonite families often make and sell products, giving us a glimpse of their unique way of life. I have never been to an Amish Community until I moved here and it’s wonderful just like what you see on TV They sell live animals, goats, chickens etc.., hand built sheds (very upscaled) and last but not least their Farmer’s Market. The Farmer’s Market has the best organic honey money can buy and the gentlemen who run the place are very nice and humble. It’s a joy to visit this lovely community and I go every chance i get.

The journey includes hiking, swimming on John Muir trail along Hiwassee River with wine tasting at Morris Vineyard for only $120 per person.  with horseback, or rafting option for only $50 extra.



The participants will learn a graceful form that is rarely taught, even in archery clubs. Besides learning the basics of loading properly, drawing with the proper muscles and form, and aiming both on the left-right axis and for elevation, they will learn the most difficult aspect of shooting: the archer’s release. (How to let go the string.)  It is profoundly important if one hopes to be consistent. Consistency is what all archers want to attain. Everyone can hit a bull’s eye now and then. The great archers perform this regularly. I’ve never met a great archer who did not know the secret of string release. It has to be taught. None of us – including myself – pick it up instinctively.

We’ll cover the direct shot, the hunter’s shot, the Olympic archer’s shot, the warrior’s shot (as seen in countless medieval movies or Westerns) and the lob shot (never seen in movies but used in history for signaling, diversionary sound, and to provide ammo to an ally). We will not cover the clout shot (castle siege and message sending), nor will we shoot at moving targets. Both belong to an advanced class.

All will learn about safety and care of equipment. And, should someone be smitten by the sport, if that one decides to shop for a bow, he/she will have enough experience to know what poundage of bow to purchase, what length arrow, and what construction material for each.

This journey will include half-day archery, picnic style lunch, and of course wine tasting for only $165 per person.

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